Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Girl Scout Troop...

This year we will do the following:

Know and understand the Girl Scout Promise. Be invested into Scouting and be rededicated each year. Plan an investiture for new Scouts. Know the Girl Scout insignia and what they mean. Know and use the handshake, slogan, motto and quiet sign. Understand the meaning of the WAGGGS Pin.

EXPLORE THE MEANING OF CITIZENSHIP Learn about our flag – its history and symbolism. Plan and Participate in a flag ceremony. Share our heritage (religion, culture, traditions and ways of living). Learn ways to respect the rights of others.

HELP MANAGE OUR TROOP Take part in discussing plans and activities. Help make plans and decisions.

LEARN AND ACHIEVE Participate in at least one activity from each aspect of Girl Scouting. Take short trips to gain new experiences. Receive recognition (badges, patches or pins) for accomplishments.

EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS Have several outdoor meetings/activities. Take a hike. Cook outdoors. Have an overnight experience.

EXPRESS OUR CREATIVITY Make something for others. Act out stories, songs, and situations.

SHARE IN THE GIRL SCOUT COMMUNITY Do activities with other Girl Scouts. Participate in Service Unit and/or Council sponsored events.

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