Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Badge Updates & Monthly Calendar

This is the badge we are currently working on in the Amaze Series:

Digital Movie Maker

Cadette - Digital Arts

A movie doesn't just tell a story; it shows a story. If you could show the whole world a story, how would it look? Bright and cheery? Fast-paced and full of changes in scene? With what visual would it start and end? You've probably spent countless hours watching movies—now's your chance to show others how you want them to see the world.

Great websites for digital moving making!

DIY- digital movie making skills

Sample on how to start your own story with Storyboarding:

Meeting Dates & Time:

March Meetings:

Due to the large number of "snow days" that we have had this year, it may be necessary to meet a few Mondays in a row to make-up missed work.  

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 4th@ 6:30pm. 

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